Our Story

Shea Yo body was founded by two moms on hunt to solve dry skin. Ashley and Dominique struggled with dry skin. They both wanted to resolve their skin issues naturally. 

Ashley grew up struggling with eczema. Never getting enough moisture from chemically made lotions. She finally decided to create her own body cream. This body cream is filled with ingredients to help maintain moisture, reduce the sight of eczema scars, reduce inflammation, and many more benefits. 

Once Dominique became a mother she was determined to find a organic moisturizer that would keep her and her baby's skin healthy. Using organic ingredients she created a body butter to help her skin post pregnancy and her newborn's. This body butter not only helps restore elasticity, but leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturized throughout the day.

Ashley and Dominique came together to bring the best of both worlds. They created this skincare company with the idea that Moms could shop at one place for their entire family. Moms can feel at ease when shopping with Shea Yo Body all products are made from the heart with organic ingredients.